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First 2 hours Session would be FREE !!



In the reading portion of the CELPIP Test Preparation Program you will practice reading for meaning and locating information. You will develop your ability to:

  • understand what the question is looking for

  • improve your knowledge of synonyms and antonyms

  • differentiate between specific and general statements

  • find what you’re looking for


In the speaking portion of the CELPIP Training Program you will practice the speaking section of the test. You will practice and develop your ability to:

  • use tenses accurately

  • describe situations

  • articulate your opinion

  • compare situations

The CELPIP Training Program practices four skills Surrey, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Langley, Abbottsford in Canada !



In the writing portion of the CELPIP Test Preparation Program you will practice:

  • planning and writing essays

  • writing letters and survey responses

  • punctuating and paragraphing your writing


In the listening portion of the CELPIP Training Program you will practice:


  • matching written and spoken phrases

  • identifying leaders

  • recognizing synonyms and homonyms

  • selecting the best response

  • listening for information